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Women’s Day: Embracing Physicality – Let’s Love The Natural Way Our Curves And Lips Are

Beauty comes in all packages, it can not be defined by narrow standards and we need to understand it, NOW!


Why my nose is beautiful only when it’s a certain way? Where is it written that my lips are ideally well-shaped only when they are plumped in a certain manner? Is there any proven perfect size of breasts mentioned anywhere in the beauty scriptures? Tactfully and technically, the answer is a big no! Then why do we keep running after society-defined norms of physical beauty that have been boosted and promoted over the years?

If there is an essential change that desperately needs to be introduced to provide a robust ground for feminism, it is the ways the idea of perfect physical beauty is perceived and unconsciously forced on women by the people including women themselves.

Look at this photo of Sonam Kapoor,


Even for the so-called and most celebrated fashion icons, their lashes are not as unnaturally long and dense as they look onscreen because it is the fake products and a brigade of stylists who can correct any flaw with their skillful hands. There are layers of makeup and color palettes behind those picture-perfect faces because nobody looks that insanely perfect in real life all the time, because the creator hasn’t made our bodies like that. And it is time we stop falling for this destructive trap of false beauty norms and accept ourselves as well as each other in our natural self.


Applying makeup or using certain beauty products must not be frowned upon, but it shouldn’t also incur an unnecessary pressure on you to look a certain way all the time in an attempt to be appreciated. What should really be frowned upon is the belittling of women for their natural physical features and appearance. The most recent example is here to understand how easy it is to not give in to any pressure and change your physicality for anyone.

Tiffany Haddish! She made a dared choice to wear her expensive outfit not only twice but multiple times. When after wearing it first in the premiere of her movie ‘Girls Trip’, her fellow stars tried to talk her out of making this tabooed fashion move, but she fiercely replied that the dress cost her more than her mortgage and she will never shy away from repeating it multiple times. And when she again donned it in Oscars ‘18, this time she even went ahead to team it up with comfy flats because why not. Learning from it, we should all break the stereotypes of beauty and fashion enforced by the society one at a time. It should only and always be about your own choice, comfort, and confidence.


Wear makeup, look the fashionista that makes heads turn in a party but don’t carry a pressure to stick to a certain image even on days when you don’t feel like correcting your facial tones or wearing any product on your skin. Embrace your physicality and love it the natural way it is and don’t allow anyone to belittle it. Because people are able to look down on it only when they see you feel uncertain about it.

Beauty comes in all packages, colors, heights, weights, and shapes. Beauty doesn’t lie in the eyes of the beholder. It lies in your own eyes, if you are beautiful for yourself, the entire world will be naturally beautiful. You should never care about the beholder. And that’s the change our society and we as women need to empower ourselves as a whole.



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