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How to maintain your sanity while carrying on with your 9-5 job


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Source: UpJourney

Pop culture these days is hell-bent on romanticizing leaving your mundane, routine 9-5 job and delve into something adventurous, or something “sexy”. Choosing to stick with a 9-hour boring routine instead of following your passion is like an indelible stigma that’s hard to shake off. Though it is projected as totally glamorous on social media and mainstream Hindi movies (cue Tamasha), following your dreams, whilst risking the stability of a well-paying or even a decent paying job isn’t an easy nut to crack. If a long list of dues stares at you at the start of every month, ready to devour your bank balance, you may be getting my point. If you have loved ones who depend on you for sustenance, then it is even harder to let go of your job for something you really love. Or maybe you have got some heavyweight EMIs to take care of. In short, the real world affords you lesser freedom to ‘not’ live by the rules.

In such circumstances, we often end up wallowing in self-pity on not being able to follow our dreams. Finding yourself stuck in a job that doesn’t provide much leeway to exercise your creative self, becomes frustrating after a point. It feels you’re stuck in a rut. Even if you’re achieving a great deal at work, your inability to quench your deeper artistic tendencies leaves you high and dry. So, how then, you can stay appropriately satisfied, reasonably senile, and somewhat happy while holding on to your corporate job. To achieve this seemingly rare combination, you don’t need a magic elixir. It’s just about creating the right balance. To start off, ensure you have a healthy work-life balance.

  • Don’t be a slog machine at work

Staying for long hours or much beyond the designated hours at work is, in no way, the testimony of your dedication towards your job. Let go of an attitude of slogging till late, because you want to prove a point. Keep the work-life balance in check.

  • When at work, stay at work

When at work, try to minimize distractions which might be affecting your productivity. Stay off social media, personal calls, or any other unofficial commitments to get the most out of your office hours.

  • Enhance your productivity

Try to work smarter, not harder. Explore tools and techniques that could help you enhance your productivity at work.

  • If you’re a leader, understand the importance of work-life balance

If you’ve people working for you, please make sure that you understand the importance of work-life balance. Ensure smart planning and stay wary of setting unrealistic deadlines. Give your people a considerable breather to help them focus on the bigger picture, that is life, rather than just delivering projects on time.

Now, that you’ve made sure that you get done more while at work, make the most of your after-work hours and weekly offs.

  • Dedicate your off-work hours to “you”

When you’re not working, work on yourself. If you have been a musician, push yourself to jam at least once during the weekend. If you love doodling, keep your paraphernalia handy and whip up a quick masterpiece whenever you’re free. Get your inspiration when you’re traveling to or from work, while on a drink with friends, or during a weekend outing. Bring out those hidden talents when you’re not preparing PPTs and Excel sheets at work.

  • Socialize with like-minded people

 There are a lot of communities for artists like you which you can discover through the internet. Enough of looking at memes in all your free time. Find art enthusiasts near you and try and attend meetups that revolve around what enthuses you. Get inspired, and work on bettering your craft with every passing day. If you’re an introvert and flinch a bit at the idea of socializing, try and join online communities of people who’re interested in the same things as you’re.  

  • Grow your love, by learning more about it

In the digital era, it has become unbelievably easy to know more about the things you love. Hey, in no way, I am implying, stalking your crush on Instagram. I am talking about the plethora of online courses in every possible domain. Pick up the one that you find the most appealing and pursue it to learn more about what you love.

It’s said that you start growing old when you stop learning something new. Never let that happen to you. Keep up your learning streak, and never let your responsibilities stop you from unleashing your true self. The art of maintaining a balance between two ends of the spectrum – your job and your passion, is the secret sauce to finding satisfaction in life. This way, you could also be feeling a little less miserable, and a little more happy 🙂


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