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Video: Scared kitten is saved by two French guys


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In case you were looking for something to get your aww fix for the day, a video has emerged of a French biker guy rescuing a kitten from the middle of a busy road.

Quentin Leroy often documents his motorcycle trips, and this time around, he was able to capture himself rescuing a scary little kitten from the middle of the road in Belgium.

Upon seeing a small creature lying helplessly on the road buzzing with high-speed traffic, he immediately got off his bike, took the kitten in his arms and ensured that the little muffin is safe.

He was soon joined by another motorist, and they together saved the day for this clueless, yet wondrous creature.

Here is the translation of the conversation that can be heard in the video,

Biker: No. There’s a little kitty in the middle of the road. This is a joke?

Man in car: I saw that.

Biker: Yes yes.

Man in car: Stop.

Biker: No. Come here, you. Come. Little one (lou lou), what are you doing here? Oh, little one.

Man in car: What to do with him?

Biker: I don’t know. I’ve picked him up here but unfortunately I’m allergic. But well, I can’t leave him here.

Man in car: What to do with him?

Biker: What’s wrong my little one? Come.

Man in car: We’ve gotten lost, huh?

Biker: Lost or he was left here. How else could he have gotten here?

Man in car: Give him to me.

Biker: You’ll take him? Oh thank you, sir.

Man in car: Oh la la la la la…

Biker: Oh, he’s stuck. Gently.

Man in car: Says something unintelligible -> You don’t see his mother or something, right?

Biker: Well, it’s strange that he’s out here in the middle of nowhere. Oh, he’s so cute.

Man in car: More la la la la la

Biker: Yes, it’s fine. Thank you so much.

Man in car: I won’t throw him in the ditch.

Biker: Well no. Have a good day, goodbye.



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