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Watch the postnatal advert that was banned from Oscars for being too graphic


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Source: Blood+Milk

What does a woman who just gave birth look like? Most mainstream media will make us believe that it’s all about just enduring a few sleepless nights with a smile and a toned body, of course, to complement the newborn baby. But the reality is completely different, a lot more stark, quite inconvenient, and painful as well. That’s what US-based maternity and baby care brand Frida Mom tried to represent in their advertisement. The ad shows a new mother with her post-pregnancy body, struggling with a pad and a crying baby in the middle of the night. It was deemed “too graphic with partial nudity and product demonstration” by broadcaster ABC and the Oscars and hence, was rejected.

Women’s reproductive health is often glossed over, evading its real, and sometimes “unpretty” face. When a brand tries to undo this pretentious trend, it’s outrightly rejected by huge corporations that are expected to carry forward a legacy one can be proud of. Its high-time we brace ourselves for the real face of pregnancy, the face that’s blood and sweat and unpleasant to look at.


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