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The 10 most alluring Airbnb stays across the world

Casa com vista - Praia do Félix

“The place you choose to stay at, stays with you”

When you’re planning a vacation, one very important thing that begs your attention is the place you choose to stay at. If you are looking beyond the good ol’ hotels, AirBNBs can offer some of the coolest accommodation options out there. Choose from a mystical dome in Chile, bubble suites in Mexico, or a cabin that’s shaped like a diamond in Finland. Here, take your pick from 10 most alluring AirBnBs from across the world,

  1. Nolla Cabin, Helsinki

Diamond-shaped cabins overlooking the gorgeous Finland seas

Nolla Cabin
Source: Dezeen

Price: ₹2,363 per night

Rated 4.83

2. Campera Hotel – Bubble Suite 2, Los Alamitos

State-of-the-art bubbles in Mexico’s wine county

Bubble Suite
Source: awol-junkee

Price: ₹13,333 per night

Rated 4.73

3. Apartment in Los Angeles

An architectural delight, this hexagonal space has light flowing in all directions

Price: ₹16,128 per night

Rated 4.97

4. Beachhouse in Malibu

Let the calming sound of ocean waves be your lullaby for the night in this romantic beach house at Malibu

Source: Airbnb

Price: ₹28,601 per night

Rated 4.99

5. Bamboo Cottage, Bali

Rejuvenate in nature’s lap in this bamboo cottage nestled amidst the rice fields

Price: ₹4,659 per night

Rated 4.64

6. A duplex in mansion, Paris

Revel in a rendezvous with this magnificent’s city spell-binding charm in this beautiful apartment that spells opulence and glory in equal proportions

Source: Airbnb

Price: ₹27,573 per night

Rated 4.82

7. Casa com vista – Praia do Félix, Brazil

Live your childhood fantasy in this gorgeous treehouse with ample sea-view

Deck e sala
Source: Airbnb

Price: ₹17,116 per night

Rated 4.79

8. Riad Shiraz, Morocco

Eclectic and bright tinged with the rich Moroccan tradition, this place is bound to stay with you, long after your vacation is over

Source: Airbnb

Price: ₹29,703 per night

Rated 4.75

10. Retro home, Copenhagen

Ignite your love for retro in this ’60s and ’70s themed 1 bedroom apartment in Copenhagen

Tips for the Swedish design magazine  RETRO
Source: Airbnb

Price: ₹10,047 per night

Rated 4.85


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