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Choosing to go childless is the way to go


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Updated on August 24th, 2019

Source: Wikihow

Every Indian kid is subject to a set of some very rigid societal expectations. They could be listed down in the following chronological order,

  • Get yourself an engineering/law/medical degree
  • Find yourself a well-paying job
  • Get into a heteronormative marriage
  • Give birth to the next generation and in the process, take forward the family’s legacy

This goes on and on, much into adulthood as well. However, if you’ve got just a bit of spine, you should be able to turn these senseless norms onto their head. Take, for example, the rule of giving birth. Calling it a rule, because, it seems every woman out there is obligated to fulfill that. If not, her womanhood is apparently, in grave danger. However, contrary to popular, conservative opinion, I believe that choosing to go childless in this day and time, is the biggest service one can do for society. That, I know, is a pretty bold statement to make so I am going to back it up with some reason and logic,

  • What will you be bringing your child into?

We’re living in a time when several parts of the world are experiencing “extreme” climatic conditions. Very recently, it has been reported that about 30% of Amazon rainforests have been destroyed due to wildfires. Glaciers are melting in the polar areas, and the ozone layer is fast depleting. Talking about India, major cities are feared to have no drinking water supply by 2030. Overpopulation is a growing concern, as more humans translate into an additional burden on the very limited natural resources. It’s sad to just imagine that a new life will have to live through such hellish environmental conditions.  Sadder still, he didn’t choose to be a part of this crumbling catastrophe.

  • Raising kids is an enormous responsibility. Can you handle that?

Agree on it or no, but most fucked up adults are a product of traumatic childhoods. Our personality, our existence reflects our childhoods. If you are living a life wallowing in despair and misery, but still are eager to bring extensions of that misery in this world, I would like to stop you right there. Raising a child is an enormous responsibility, and if you’re not completely fit enough to fulfill it to the best of your capabilities, you shouldn’t. It’s that simple.

And additionally, you got to be financially really sound to raise what we can call a well-rounded human being. Are you not? Then, don’t procreate.

  • But then, who would be the center of all the love and nourishment I’m capable of giving

Duh. Look around you. There are a plethora of opportunities for you to shower your love and care upon. Choosing to do it only on your “own” offspring is kind of selfish when you are being shitty with all that is not yours most of the time. Pull together your human instincts and start treating this universe as your own. Your affection should be not restricted to your biological extension. If you’re keen on furthering your motherly instincts, why not adopt a kid or have a pet or build something you always wanted to, but never got a chance to? Won’t that cherished hobby or project also be your baby?  

  • But wait, it’s my biological prerogative to take forward my DNA

Umm. Your biological prerogative should not overpower your rationality and logic. Read through what’s written above, and you will be just fine.


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