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Slaves of social media


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“Did you see their Instagram story? OMG! That place looks so exotic!” Most of you have heard people talking somewhat like this right? The era of digitization was predicted to be the age of information. While it is serving that motive, it has brought about several side effects along with it. With social media on a boom, it’s a virtual world that we are living in. Happiness has become virtual, so are the reasons for people to be happy.

I woke up today to see a nice sunny Sunday morning. I was browsing through my phone, and like any other Sunday morning, the social media was packed with posts and stories from last night. Most of the posts were from the same people who post similar stories every damn weekend. Marijuana, Hash, or you name any other drug, they all have medicinal properties, but people abused them to satisfy their addiction. The same way, internet platforms which were supposed to be a means for sharing one’s own social life with others have turned into a magic pot where people go searching for happiness. Social media is being abused in the same way as humans abused drugs.

This technology has made people insecure and miserable. “That person is having such a nice time out there while I’m stuck with my lousy work”, “he is getting fitter day by day while I’m putting on more and more.” Not everyone posting on social media is happy in real life. Everyone is dealing with their own set of problems. Comparing your life to that of others is never a good idea. You have your own reasons to be content in life. Value the goods in your life rather than running after the goods in someone else’s life. Each person has their own definition of satisfaction and contentment.

Back in the days when social media was non-existent, a restaurant used to be a place to eat, a bar used to be a place to have drinks, and nightclubs were for having a nice time dancing and having fun. Those days are a closed book now. Everyone is chasing happiness now. People are chasing something that is so overrated. People think that if they are happy, they will have a good life. You think Picasso was happy? Or was Hendrix happy? We still remember their lives years after they are gone. Happiness is necessary, but happiness isn’t everything. It lies in the things we own, not in the things we chase.

Why do people do all this? People do things they don’t like, with the money they don’t have, to impress people they don’t care about. The world is not a centre stage. You are not the actor here. You don’t have to impress anyone. You’ve only got one life, and its meant to be spent with the ones you truly care about, because frankly speaking, no one else gives a flying damn about what you are doing in life.




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