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Dear Mom : It’s okay to be a little selfish


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It’s Mothers’ Day today. Even if you are not the most aware of this occasion where you are expected to pronounce your love for your mother (insert a heart emoji) on social media, a single scroll through Whatsapp/Facebook/Twitter must have brought the existence of this day into your notice. Since I believe that I am ridiculously unphotogenic, and I think I have never been guilty of asking a friend wazzzz up on text (meaning I respect the dignity of the English language), I take this occasion to write an open letter to my mom, and to all the mothers of the world. The rest of the interesting content from this article is contained in this letter. Please read, * insert: begging emoji*

Dear Mom,

It’s always said, that you should start with the tough things first so that the better ones can be enjoyed more thoroughly. So, here we go. You make me really angry, sometimes. Sometimes when I am out late, the numerous missed calls from you on my mobile phone infuriates me. I fail to understand, why can’t you just let me live what I can call a 25-year-old adult life on my own terms. I am a well-meaning individual and I am not out to intentionally, like, throw myself in the harm’s way. I am old enough to differentiate the good from the bad. Oops, too much about me, like always. Anyways, let’s get back to the point. So, yes, I don’t like it when you call me incessantly, nag me unnecessarily and lecture me on stuff which I think I have almost always got right on my own.

But in moments of careful consideration, when I thankfully enough get out of my ivory tower and try to look at things from your perspective, I understand, your life is not actually yours. Your life is me. From the moment, you must have held me in your arms, you must have foregone all that was you, and sworn in those little twinkling eyes of mine, that may what happen, you will never ever let me go through even the slightest of difficulty. Your life was now mine. I had no inkling of even my existence, but there you were, like an incredible selfless creature, handing over the meaning of your life onto my little hands. I could never understand how you did that. From where did this purest form of love came from, I could never logically comprehend. How a newly born infant was, in fact, a birth of a mother, who would dedicate her life, thereafter, ensuring that only happiness lurks through the corner of her little one’s lips.

Today, I would like to tell you, it’s okay to be a little selfish Mom. I want you to be a little selfish. Sometimes, I want you to think about yourself before you think about me. If you went out to work, leaving me in a daycare, feeling guilty as hell, that was not fair on you, ma. Always keeping me first in your thoughts, was not fair on you, ma. My existence should not have finished your ambitions but should have rekindled them, with renewed vigor. If you choose to follow your dreams, you answer to your callings, you indulge in your passion, you are doing a favor to yourself and to everyone around you, ma. Not for one moment, feel guilty about it. It’s okay to be selfish, for seeing my mom accomplish what she deserves is the proudest thing for me.

On this day, dedicated to you, I just want to say, do things which are for you, apart from the things you do for me. I want your life to as much be yours as much as it is mine. Take up something which you always wanted, but could not, because I came, do what you want for your happiness, and not mine, and please live a life that wholly belongs to you – this is what I want for you on this day,

Happy Mothers’ Day, Mom!





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