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Oktoberfest | Beeroholics fly down to this place to enjoy the most amazing beer


The 184th Oktoberfest has opened in Munich on Saturday where beer enthusiasts could be seen all over. Until October 3, six million people from all over the world are expected to visit the world’s largest beer festival.

Interestingly, visitors will be able to download an app that shows nearby tents with available space. The app will also help the festival goers find lost friends. This will be useful as the largest tent fits 10,000 people.

As for the prices, drinkers will face higher beer prices. A liter of beer will cost up to 10.95 euros ($13). This is 25 cents higher than last year.


In 2016, the attendance was dipped in part due to concern over terror attacks. In order to ensure security, the entrances will be watched over by more than 650 security guards which are up by 200 from last year. CCTV cameras have also been added. Moreover, to alert visitors a new loudspeaker system has been added which will use three languages: English, German and Bavarian.

Security has since been bolstered at the festival, with backpacks as well as large bags now being banned.

Oktoberfest kickstarts at Munich, beer enthusiasts say bottoms up!


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