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Why living alone once in a lifetime is the best thing you could do to yourself


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Man is a social animal and has an innate need for companionship & sense of belongingness. Happy times or sad, one feels the need to share those with someone near and dear.

However, trust me! Living alone, at least once in a lifetime, is the best thing you could do to yourself!

We all would agree that each one of us has two facets; one for the people and one for just own self. When surrounded by company, we are always on guard. Sometimes light, sometimes steel-strong. And we let this guard completely down only when we are absolutely by ourselves.

With people around there is always a subconscious need to meet their expectations of us and a subliminal realisation of being observed & judged by them. Hence our behaviour is naturally altered unknowingly & unintentionally.

When you live alone and spend time by yourself, you live in your skin and air your private secret self which is otherwise mostly subdued. This allows you to understand yourself better and take a magnificent & meaningful journey to self-discovery.

Also, living alone makes one self-dependable and more responsible as there is none to lean on or look up to.


This theory is also backed by science which agrees that living solo helps significantly in pouring out creativity and improving one’s performance at work leading to self-actualization and self-fulfilment. And this is not all!

Solitude can do wonders. It can make one hear the spiritual calling within and enable him to take time out to address the same. Contrarily, it also makes one more social and makes him spend quality time with neighbours, family and friends.

Besides, not only does it help clear one’s head of doubts, fears, sadness and anger but also makes one see things in a proper and more reasonable perspective.

While it is perfectly healthy and essential to stay in familial relationships and find happiness in togetherness, spending some ‘me-time’ and living by yourself whenever possible clears the fog in the relationships and makes those stronger and healthier.

Single or wedded, man or woman, spend some time by yourself and take the road to self-discovery to infuse contentment, happiness and harmony in relationships as well as the journey called life.


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