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After ugly vilification on Gauri Lankesh’s death, Ravi Shankar Prasad condemns such behavior on Twitter


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After Gauri Lankesh, a prominent journalist based in Bengaluru, was shot outside her home, Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Wednesday took to Twitter to condemn the right-wing Hindutva supporters act of celebrating the gruesome murder of the journalist.

The woman was shot dead by three bullets in Bangalore on Tuesday who edited her own Kannada weekly.

Taking the matter to Twitter, Prasad wrote , ““I strongly condemn & deplore the messages on social media expressing happiness on the dastardly murder of #Gaurilankesh”.

While in another Tweet he read, “Expressing happiness on the killing of anyone is shameful, regrettable and totally against Indian traditions. Social media is not for that.”

Gauri Shankar had been a fierce critic of the Hindutva organisations and their divisive politics. As if on cue, right-wing activists started justifying or even celebrating her killing.

There has been a series of tweets on social media, either glorifying the merciless murder or rejoicing on the death of the left-inclined scribe.

One of the users Nikhil Dadhich wrote, “One bitch dies a dog’s death and every puppy is crying with pain.” This user is followed on Twitter by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


Another user on Twitter posted a photo of Gauri Lankesh along side Umar Khalid and Kanhaiyya Kumar and wrote, “Anti nationals always remain close to terrorist, need investigation. She is another user, who has PM Modi on her follower list.


Social media advisor for the ministry of information and technology Ashish Mishra wrote, “jaisi karni waisi bharni”.


PM Modi has not broken his silence on the assassination as he remains on his foreign tour to China and Myanmar.


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