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Stolen headphones, scratched LEDs. Perhaps we don’t deserve Tejas Express or any better service


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Vandalism and damaging public utilities, facilities happens a lot in India. Deliberate misuse is not uncommon and this is a reminder that a lot of the people still lack civic sense and propriety. But such things happening to a luxury train is indeed both unexpected and shocking. We expect it only in roadways buses or normal sleeper trains etc. It is not only the responsibility of the government to provide us infrastructure facilities and public utilities, as citizens it’s also our fundamental duty to treat the facilities nicely.

Tejas Express is a 200 km/hr super fast train from Mumbai to Goa. The train made its first trip from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus on Monday and returned from Goa on Tuesday. Tejas has special facilities like automatic doors, tea coffee vending machines, bio-toilets and 9-inch infotainment screen in front of each seat.

12 of the high-quality headphones provided for the screens are missing and some other screens were found scratched. Litter was also seen on the train. Railway authorities are now planning to request the passengers to not cause any damage. They are shocked.

Other passengers who traveled on the second day said that the train was not cleaned and the cleaning staff was not paying any heed.


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