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Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Russell Crowe; Dark Universe in theatres on 9 June


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A short trailer of Dark Universe – Monsters Legacy has released. The movie is from the house of Universal Pictures and a sequel to Bride of Frankenstein. The Bill Cordon directed movie is slated to release in February 2019. The movie features 3 of the biggest actors in Hollywood who need no introduction – Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, and Russell Crowe.

Welcome to a new world of gods and monsters. #DarkUniverse | Repost via @darkuniverse

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The trailer is black-and-white to give a classical old look. It looks enigmatic, charming and scary.

There is some hidden mystery that will be unveiled in the movie. The theme of the trailer is supernatural, religion, demons and the hidden secrets.

The picturization is intense and gripping. Be it the spooky scene of a suited-booted decapitated man or a strange looking old man giving a flower to a kid, or a group of people carrying the Christian cross, or a man looking like a philosopher discussing superstitions and religion.

The trailer is really thrilling. Superstitions, occult, voodoo and abstruse mysticism related to religion have always fascinated people. It is a century-old quest. There is a strong curiosity in humans to explore the unknown and go beyond the bounds of that which human brain and science have vague answers for. It is this timeless curiosity and the desire to know the unknown that makes the appeal of magical spells, abracadabra, and demons enduring as well as highly entertaining.


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