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“Sell your wife if you don’t have money to build toilets”, says a Bihar District Magistrate


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While promoting Swacch Bharat, Tanuj Kanwal, district magistrate of Aurangabad in Bihar, said something that is really disgusting and demeaning to women.

The DM was telling the importance of building toilets to the villagers and pointing out how it important. When a villager told him that he has no money to build a toilet, the magistrate said that he should go and sell his wife in that case.

Indian Express quoted the conversation “Sir, I don’t have the money to build a toilet,” the man said. Tanuj replied, “I will talk to you. If that is the case then go and sell your wife. If this is the mentality you have then go and sell your wife. So many people talk about advance payment, they get advance and then spend it on useless things.”

The Bihar government has an ambitious program to make the state open defecation free by 2019.

Watch the footage here:


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