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“Chant this mantra 5 times to reduce the power of China”, says RSS


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Many religious people are really fond of chanting mantras and incantations to ward off evil spells, bad spirits and get divine blessings. But have you heard of some mantra specially meant for a hostile foreign country?  The RSS has given a mantra against China and asked all Indians, irrespective of their faiths, to chat it 5 times daily before their prayers.

The mantra is  “Kailash, Himalaya aur Tibet Cheen ki asuri shakti se mukt ho,”. ( Kailash, Himalaya and Tibet should be liberated from the demonic powers of China).

All this while we were thinking that China is a powerhouse, but it now seems that if RSS is to be believed, China’s power will collapse if billions of Indians chant This powerful mantra. As per a senior RSS pracharak Indresh Kumar, chanting mantra will hurt core interests of China and create a lot of spiritual and positive energy for us.

It seems all we need is a torrent of spiritualism and mantras. 😀

RSS has also called for boycotting all Chinese goods, in a move to counter Chinese aggression. But the inescapable irony is that the Statue of Unity will be built in China and Chinese companies also have investments in the Nagpur metro.


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