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Not everything is white or black. Life is shades of gray


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How easily we slot an act into a right or a wrong one, a deed into a good or a bad one and a person into a mean or a kind one!

No matter how hard we try to define things, acts or people within these distinct confines, Not Everything is White or Black! Life is Shades of Gray!

Coming to think of it, there is not a single person who hasn’t faltered ever and is all good; although his persona might not give away even a glimmer of his impish thoughts suppressed by his strong will to stick to the ‘right’.

There isn’t a single act of kindness which was carried out with absolute purity in mind. Somewhere deep down, behind the most charitable deeds and the noblest acts is an expectation of something in return from either the obliged individual or The Supreme Power, The Almighty.


No, Never! It’s never either absolutely right or wrong, simply bad or completely good. It is a fine blend of the two that make our world so vibrant, dynamic and heterogeneous yet ostensibly a perfectly happy and harmonious place to live in.

Had it not been for these shades of gray, this world would not have existed for this long as then the contraries would have eaten away each other a long, long while ago.

It is these shades of gray that allow for the room for tolerance. It is these shades of gray which brew a feeling of empathy and holds one from reacting strongly. And it is these shades of gray that prepare a common ground for amicable existence, giving each one a subconscious realization that just no one is perfect and we all have shades of gray!


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