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Britain witnesses its first interfaith lesbian wedding


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The first interfaith lesbian wedding was witnessed in British recently when a Hindu woman married her Jewish partner. The couple, Kalavati Mistry and Miriam Jefferson tied the knot in a Hindu ceremony last week in Leicester as per the media reports. The couple met more than 20 years ago on a training course in the US.

As per the reports, both the women wore traditional red and white bridal colors, fresh garlands, and “Mangal Sutra” necklaces during the ceremony to show they had married.

Jefferson said that earlier this year they had a Jewish wedding in her hometown San Antonio, Texas.

The couple received a warm response from family and friends. Jefferson said that her friends, who have been very welcoming, hope that much gay people-no matter what religion or culture they’re in – grow in loving relationships.

However, Mistry told that she kept her sexuality a secret for years and it had been very difficult for her as she is an Asian gay woman. She even added that it was difficult to find a priest to conduct the wedding ceremony.

The couple is very grateful that they have been able to do this. Mistry said that she will follow the Hindu faith along with some of the Jewish traditions.

The couple works for an interfaith organization and has flown off to Texas where they will settle down.


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