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New Garnier Light Ad – Now Alia Bhatt Is Promoting Fairness On Screen


A lot has been blabbered and discoursed about India’s obsession with fairness and the instrumental the role of TVCs in promoting this racist agenda. Some actors with a wiser mindset have even come out of the crowd to bash this trend. Kangana Ranaut has always maintained her ground against promoting fairness cremes on TV.

Previously, Abhay Deol also called out the names of celebrities including Shah Rukh Khan who has ever advocated the importance of fairness of skin on TV to sell cosmetic products one by one and hit many high walls of ego.

It was a massive thing in a society where no one even talks about these things in the open. It surely was a positive hope to be expected to end this obsession of fairness with time. But anyone who thought the same way, was wrong because this obsession doesn’t seem to end any soon. We can’t even expect to shift the focus, let alone end this obsession completely until our beloved Bollywood stars let us.

The new TVC of Garnier Light Complete Serum Cream features Alia Bhatt this time who is seen touting about the effectiveness of the product and how it makes you three shades lighter in just a single week. A brand that has already starred Bollywood’s big faces earlier to advertise fast fairness treatment includes Priyanka Chopra too who recently in a public post, expressed her disappointment in having promoted such a racist thought in the past. But it seems there is no learning from the past, because Alia Bhatt, the youth icon just did it in the present. While we need to retreat our steps in promoting such notions, a new step has been again taken forward. So, clearly, the obsession doesn’t seem to die down and we can’t hope for a free-flow where the water is stagnant at the same spot.



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