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Tragic stampede at Elphinstone Bridge has left the people outraged about govt’s ignorance


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Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

On the 9th day of the Navratri, Mumbai woke up to a tragic morning. 22 people were killed and several got injured due to the stampede at an overbridge which is situated between Elphinstone Road and Lower Parel Railway stations. The happened apparently after the crowd of commuters heard a loud sound and the normal morning became a bloody chaos.

Moments of tragedy captured in this video.

The ironic incident was a ticking time bomb and apathy of governance is the major cause of loss of lives. Commuters have been complaining about the poor condition of infrastructure at the stations but the authorities never took action to improve the safety standards of the railway stations which cater to commuters more than the capacity on daily basis.

Apparently, authorities were warned about the possibility of a stampede.

From common man to celebrities; the new has left everyone shocked and disgruntled. Several people Tweeted to express their anguish and disenchantment towards the government in its failure to improve the existing infrastructure.



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