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ICJ stays the death sentence of Kulbhushan Jadhav but the larger problem is far from over


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There is an air of jubilation in India after the ICJ put a stay on the hanging of Kulbhushan Jadhav and snubbed Pakistan for violation of the Vienna Convention. The entire political spectrum – from PM Modi to Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari – is optimistic about the verdict and its implications. The PM congratulated and thanked the attorney Harish Salve. The MEA has called it a matter of great relief for the people of the country.

Pakistan has been directed to provide consular access to Jadhav. While this is certainly a defeat and a diplomatic embarrassment for Pakistan, but we shouldn’t be complacent in celebrations and presume it as the final victory. We should also be wary of the institutional deception and sinister designs of the Pakistani ” deep state ” which will either try to find loopholes in the verdict or brazenly defy it.

The road ahead is full of many challenges, given the dubious character of the Pakistani state. Pakistan can stoop to any low to provoke India, create an anti-India hysteria and build a perception, at least domestically, that India is fomenting terrorism on Pakistani soil. This is the mother of all ironies but a pet resort of the Zionist-Hindu allied conspiracy theory loving Pakistani.

Considering a country that has been funding insurgency in both India and Afghanistan, which demarcates terrorists as good or bad, and where terrorist organisations have offices and even training camps in cities like Bahawalpur and Multan, playing the victim card and crying foul of being suffering due to India sponsored ” terrorism ” is as shamelessly duplicitous as it can get.

Pakistan’s problems are of its own making and go all the way back to 1979 when General Zia-ul-Haq started the official policy of funding Jihadist madrasas. Terrorists in Pakistan are it’s own Frankenstein’s. Former Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf said, ” the freedom fighters and heroes of yesterday are terrorists of today “. There cannot be a clearer admission of Pakistan nurturing terrorism and the terrorists – the ‘ bad ‘ ones of course – coming to bite the hands of those who fed them.

Pakistan’s psychosis of fraudulently blaming India for everything goes back to its creation in 1947. It is an incurable affliction and one that won’t abate. Blaming an ex-naval officer and businessman, Kulbhushan Jadhav, for being a mastermind of terrorism is not at all a new strategy of Pakistan.

The intelligence-military nexus at GHQ Rawalpindi makes sure that perpetual hostility and animosity towards India is maintained and fuelled on a timely basis. The army and the ISI benefit most from the climate of distrust and tension. It gives them the opportunity to have even a greater say in foreign policy, galvanize the nation against an antagonist neighbor, and further consolidate their power and privilege. It will not be hyperbole to say that Pakistan Army and ISI operated like a Sicilian mafia syndicate and the civilian government has very limited say in India related policies, especially at times where confrontation is risked.

Pakistan will try to ensnare us in the trap its diplomats will lay. But we have to avoid it at all cost. And along with ICJ, we have to exert pressure at the bilateral level also. A strong message needs to be given that enough is enough. Indian inaction shouldn’t be misconstrued as it’s weakness.

Also, we have to prepare for the worst and keep in mind that the rogue elements and the Generals of Pakistan Army may get Kulbhushan Jadhav killed extra-judicially and say that he died due to cardiac arrest, or some prison riot or any such reason.

When we are dealing with Pakistan, it has to be kept in mind that we are not dealing with a normal state but a state whose basis of identity and existence has always been an irrational and paranoid hatred for India.

Pakistan’s marathon of lies and deceit need no evidence. And we should not be blind to the sad possibility that it can get Kulbhushan Jadhav killed and yet pretend that it was due to natural causes.


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