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Humanity dies again! 34 yr old man rapes a female puppy to death


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Recently, the protection of stray dogs was hurled into a jeopardy when an incident was added to the disgraceful crime of animal abuse. A 34-year-old taxi driver, Naresh Kumar, allegedly raped a female puppy and left it to die on 25 August in Narayana area, Delhi. The drunk driver grabbed the puppy named Jenney by the locals. He then raped the dog and left it bleeding.

The puppy was then stuffed into a jute bag by the accused and his elder brother. They then dumped it in a dry drain near Naraina Industrial Area.

When the locals questioned the accused, he confessed that he raped the puppy. He even showed them the location where he had dumped the carcass.

The animal was later declared dead when shifted to Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre. A post-mortem further revealed that the puppy died due to excessive bleeding from private parts and shock.

Despite lodging a FIR, activists say that the accused is still not arrested and is roaming free. Naresh’s wife further informed that he was a pervert and he had recently assaulted her and broke her arm.


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