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French tourist family thanks the Gurudwara for protecting them


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Updated on February 11th, 2018


Due to Mumbai floods, a French tourist family got stuck on Tuesday and they went to three hotels in Dadar looking for a safe place before being directed to the Gurudwara. While thanking the Gurudwara they said that they were lost in the rain and your Gurudwara appeared like a lighthouse in the dark. It not only provided then a shelter but also welcomed them with extreme kindness.

As a part of langar, the family was offered dal khichadi for dinner and a small room by the Gurudwara officials as they were concerned about their safety.

Vice-president of Dadar Singh Sabha, Kulwant Singh, informed that they were one of 750 victims of Mumbai floods who came to the Gurudwara in need of shelter and food. Considering their concerns and the fact that they are our guests, they ensured that they are not inconvenienced in any way.

After the transportation system of the city collapsed the family was extremely worried and couldn’t find a safe place to spend the night.

The family refused any other special arrangement and chose to sleep on the floor after seeing the condition of their fellow victims of the deluge.

Before returning to their home town Paris, the family even donated towards the cause of public welfare.


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