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Indians are going crazy over JCB memes. Check out the best of this totally weird trend

JCB ki khudaai is all over the internet!


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If you are even a bit of a social media geek, you might have noticed that the Indian brethren is sort of going crazy over JCB memes. It’s JCB ki khudaai all over the net, and honestly, there is no corrigible reason behind this development.

People are bemoaning over missing the “JCB ki khudaai” as if it’s the biggest, most important event they could stand witness to

Even compatibility is being weighed on your potential significant other’s likeness for JCB memes

JCB drivers are the newest heroes. The Kings.

The excitement when a JCB khudaai is about to start, is totally palpable across one and all

It’s literally going out of hands

Not just Twitter, even YouTube is totally smitten by the JCB fever

Seriously, why is everyone drooling over JCB? Is it because, whenever a JCB digs in a nearby area, it becomes like the ultimate community event? There are people gathered to witness this majestic mean machine going on with its routine as if it’s the next best thing after getting a chance to visit Disneyland.

Growing up, we have all been fascinated by how mammoth JCB machines are, and how they work their way through difficult terrains. The childhood fascination is perhaps morphing itself into this current obsession for JCB machines. Just to add a bit of trivia on to the current craze, JCB stands for J.C. Bamford Excavators limited and is headquartered in Rochester, United Kingdom. It came into existence in 1945 and has approximately over 11,000 employees working for it. That are big numbers, aren’t they?


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