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Here is why sleeping with your dog is not right


A news for dog lovers!

As per a new research those who love to snuggle up to their pet dogs and sleep alongside them in the bad, risk losing sleep quality.

So don’t let your cute pups or dogs sleep in your bed, as it would affect your sleep. The research was conducted in Arizona by Dr. Lois Krahn.

Deccan Chronicle quotes Dr. Krahn as saying: “The relationship between people and their pets has changed over time, which is likely why many people, in fact, do sleep with their pets in the bedroom,”

“Today, many pet owners are away from their pets for much of the day, so they want to maximize their time with them when they are home. Having them in the bedroom at night is an easy way to do that. And, now, pet owners can find comfort knowing it won’t negatively impact their sleep,” she added.


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