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Defiant Kashmiri Cricket Uses Pakistan’s Jersey And Plays Pakistan’s National Song As A Mark Of Respect


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Groundswell of pro Pakistan sentiments in Kashmir valley during the time of mass strikes, stone pelting and protests isn’t something unusual or new to observers of Kashmir conflict. But this time something different happened.

A cricket match was played at the Wayil playfield in central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district on April 2nd. It was around this time that PM Modi was also in Kashmir for inauguration of Nashri Tunnel.

Player of one team, named after Baba Darya Ud Din, a Sufi saint whose shrine is located in Ganderbal, were wearing the green coloured uniform of Pakistan cricket team while the opposite team was wearing white.

Before the match started, Pakistani national anthem was played to extend solidarity to pro Pakistan separatists and as a token mark of respect to Pakistan. When contacted, the players didn’t shy away from expressing their unflinching support for Kashmiri Azaadi and Pakistan – the chief sponsor of the extremist Azadi project.

Incidents like these only prove how deep rooted affinity for Pakistan and hostility towards India is in the psyche of a large number of Kashmiris.

Watch Kashmir youth singing Pakistan’s national anthem.



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