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Arunabh Kumar: Progressive TV Show Producer With A Regressive Work Methodology


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Yesterday a blog published on Medium.com accused Arunabh Kumar, the CEO of the popular YouTube channel TVF (The Viral Fever) of sexual molestation. And after reading the viral blog, other women, who have worked with TVF in the past have also accused Arunabh of the same behaviour. Substantiating the claims further.

Such accusations are, candidly speaking, not at all uncommon and workplace sexual harassment is a very serious issue. CEOs and other men in positions of power ( not generalising) do try to exploit the asymmetric power equation that exists between them and the female employee. In the past there have been sordid cases of sexual harassment that have involved influential people, the literati-glitterati and the who’s who of the world of media, film industry and finance. Be it Tarun Tejpal case or RK Pachauri, or former IMF boss Dominique Straus Kahn.

The lady who wrote the blog accused Arunabh of getting indecent with her and trying to molest her on more than one occasion and at different places – be it office, or serial shooting, or office party. She has given details of how Arunabh inappropriately touched her and tried to get close to her. After this accusation, many other ladies, all previous employees of TVF, have come forward and said they have had similar experiences in the past. They are lending credence to the accusations of the lady who wrote the original post. Meanwhile, there has been outright denial from TVF and they have called the accusations as completely baseless and unverifiable. Arunabh maintains that he hasn’t done anything wrong and he advised the lady to lodge an FIR against him or contact the Women’s cell of TVF.

As the issue will unfold in coming days, wheat will be separated from the chaff, but gender sensitisation and special, women friendly cell’s and helpline numbers against sexual harassment are of utmost importance. Women shouldn’t be made to feel vulnerable just because of the clout the perpetrator wields or because he hobnobs with influential people. Police department needs to be imparted gender sensitisation training too so that they do not make the woman feel uncomfortable and trivialise her complaint and her travails.

Here is how other comedians have reacted to the news.



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