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Airlift 2.0: This Qatar businessman plans to fly 4,000 cows for all the right reasons


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After Akshay Kumar’s blockbuster movie Airlift which was based on Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, we now have an Airlift 2.0. And those who are being airlifted are not humans stranded in crisis but 4,000 cows. We are sure the Gaurakshaks too will love this news and emphasise the importance of cows for a country.

After the Saudi Arabia led the blockade of Qatar on the accusation of funding terrorism, there is a dearth in the fresh supply of milk. And this has prompted a businessman to fly 4,000 cows to Qatar and fill in the supply of milk. The cows are being brought from Australia and USA, and it will take Qatar Airways 60 flights to bring them all.

Economic blockade of Qatar has forced that oil and gas-rich Gulf nation to explore alternative trade routes and it is now relying on the supply of fruits, vegetables and other daily use commodities from Turkey and Iran. Prior to the blockade most of the milk products were being imported from Saudi Arabia.

Now local products are being encouraged by the government and merchants too are promoting locally made products.

Qatar has the highest per-capita income in the world and will host 2022 football world cup. The nation also owns international media house Al Jazeera.


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