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10 amazing ways to Enjoy monsoon to the fullest

Cold breeze, lesser pollution, a respite from scorching summers and the onset of the festive season – monsoon brings along a bunch of joys!


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Updated on July 10th, 2020

Monsoon has enveloped entire India and we are enjoying every drop of rains. This is one part of the year where you complain less about the weather and enjoy the joys of rains. Cold breeze, lesser pollution, a respite from scorching summers and the onset of the festive season – monsoon brings along a bunch of joys!

Here are 10 things which you must do during the monsoon season.

1. Chai and Pakoda

Are we dumb? Do we really even need to mention this?! The combination of Adrak wali chai and Pakode is the first thing which comes to our minds during rains. Savor piping hot pakodas with some home-made ginger tea to extract the real joy of monsoon.

Source: HungryForever


2. Bike Ride

If scorching hot summers and rising pollution were preventing you from riding your bike then now is the time to tank up your bike and hit the roads. Clean air, cool weather, and drops of rain touching your soul – there is nothing more satisfying than a bike ride in the monsoon season.

Source: Otopark


3. Long Drive

If you have a car then monsoon is the perfect season to enjoy the beauty of Indian highways. Make a playlist of your favorite rain songs and go with your family or friends and drive to a distant dhaba for cutting chai and samosas.

Source: Travel Twosome


4. Rooftop Lunch

The sky is a lot more visible, blue and beautiful after rains. Select your favorite rooftop restaurant and enjoy the scenic skyline while relishing your favorite food.

Source: YouTube


5. Sleep for Some More Hours

Drizzling drops of rains make the weather cooler and your bed more comfortable (Isn’t it?)! It is that time of the year when you can afford to sleep more for an hour or so and can give a valid reason of monsoon traffic.

Source: India Tides


6. Bhutta

Having a bhutta from the roadside during monsoon is as customary as having your breakfast.

Source: Skymet


7. Take a Stroll

Go to a park to breathe in the fresh and enjoy the freshly brewed greenery of the monsoon season.

Source: BWSQAI


8. Barbeque and Whisky

The onset of the monsoon season is an official announcement of the gradual departure of summer season and arrival of whiskey. Have a house party with whiskey and friends. And yeah, you can also barbeque your favorite food.

The Barktenders


9. Rain Dance

It may sound as kiddish as it can but nothing is more exulting than dancing in rains. Step into the water and let yourself go with dancing drops of rains.

Source: YouTube


10. Nostalgia

Standing at the window with a hot cup of coffee, staring at rains and thinking about the past. You can think about your whole life story while watching the rains. A good opportunity to introspect and smile over memories.

Source: Manifestation Meditation


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