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These men are urging Pakistanis to tear Indian flag and the reactions are shocking


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Despite being neighbors, India and Pakistan don’t see eye-to-eye due to several geopolitical conditions – Kashmir dispute and terrorism being the major ones. People calling you ‘pro-Pakistani’ has become one of the most popular abuse all over the internet. The enmity between the two nationals is on an all-time high and things are not looking to improve any sooner.

But probably, things are not as bad as we assume. An innovative social experiment in Pakistan says so; at least! In a recent video published by YouTube channel ‘LahoriFied’ two men are seen walking amid the hustle-bustle of Lahore’s Liberty Market and stopping people to ask “Kya aap India ka jhanda phaad doge?” (Will you tear the Indian flag). And the answers are simply shocking.

Each and every respondent refused with a big NO. Even after the men in video pursued respondent with a prize money of 15,000 and 50,000 rupees; nobody was ready to tear the Indian tricolor.

Yeh galat baat hai. Inse kuch hai hi nahi humara. Toh hum kyun phaade jhanda? Aap 10 lakh bhi doge toh bhi nahi phaadunga yeh jhanda.

This reaction should simply win the hearts of every Indian. This video has proved that rationalism still exists in the society and mere hate can’t be traded as a commodity to everyone.


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