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Snapchat CEO thinks India is poor, Indians respond


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Snapchat has unwittingly earned the ire of millions of Indians with a disparaging revelation. An ex-employee at the company revealed that its CEO Evan Spiegel felt that India was too poor to expand its operations in as late as 2015. The beans were spilled by Anthony Pompliano who encountered Spiegel’s views during a meeting. Spiegel said that an app like Snapchat is only for rich people. This comes at a time when international technology giants are hustling to offer their services to a burgeoning digitally literate population in India. For starters and for Mr. Spiegel, it is worth noting that not only India is the second largest smartphone market in the world but also the fastest growing.

Indians responded to the statement by saying mean mean things about Snapchat,

Some equated this episode with an earlier fiasco involving Snapdeal,


Others took no time in taking an incisive decision,

And some others were just their humorous best,



With the entry of Reliance’s Jio in the market and the subsequent competitive pricing, data costs have reduced dramatically for an average Indian user. Even video streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are looking at this internet revolution as an opportunity to expand their market base in India.


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