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Scotland Yard believe that classical music can help fight crime


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Recently, in order to fight crime, the Scotland Yard is using classical music as its latest weapon.

Reportedly to calm the atmosphere, relax residents and disperse troublemakers a Metropolitan Police was set to pump the tunes of Mozart from a speaker system into a notorious housing estate here. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, known as Mozart, is regarded as a prolific and influential composer of the Classical era.

A 23-year-old constable in-charge of law and order, Adam Weber, was inspired by the idea of classical music as a crime-fighting tool. To reduce anti-social behaviour it was followed by a pilot scheme to pipe music into 40 London underground stations.

He said that incidents of verbal and physical abuse fell so he thought about this idea.

Since  1985 and previous to that, relations between police and community at Broad Water Farm have been poor for decades. There was a riot that resulted in the murder of a police officer.



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