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LG G6 UX makes a debut in style : More colors, better multitasking


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LG is coming up with its new flagship device- G6 soon. Preceding its launch are several teasers building up anticipation for the phone. The South Korean telecommunications giant recently shared a 12 second video on its YouTube channel introducing the user interface of LG G6.

Although the video lacks details on any particular UI function of the phone, it makes the colorful temperament of the new G6 very apparent. The video lets the curious tech enthusiasts know that the upcoming smart phone will have square shaped information cards. Colorful bars on top of apps, contacts and content contained in rounded corners which fit in the screen perfectly is shown in the video. You can also read words like Full Vision, Perfect Proportion and Graphics in the video hinting towards a more intuitive and animated user interface. Full Vision is company’s bezel-less design that has been always in vogue.

The new UX will be called LG UX 6.0. The earlier models – G5 and V20 came in with UX 5.0 and UX 5.0+ respectively. An exciting feature in the new UX will be the Square Camera mode which will show two images side by side, at the same time. The phone’s 5.7-inch screen which has a 18:9 aspect has the capability to shoot and review two photos simultaneously. It will let users shoot in a 1:1 format – highly popular on social media these days. Music player, call menu, address book and calendar will use the 1:1 Square GUI as well for better multitasking. Users will be able to view calendar on the left, while editing a document on the right panel.

The phone will also come with a special “Food Mode” which will enhance the color saturation of food. You could also group between 2 to 100 photos to make a GIF video with this phone.

Going by rumors, LG G6’s user interface (UX) will most likely be based on Android Nougat 7.0. Quoting from a news report in Forbes, it will run on Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor. Initial quantities of the new Snapdragon 835 SoC has been claimed by its arch rival Samsung already and hence, LG cannot put it to use in its upcoming device. The phone will launch on February 26 at an event during the Mobile World Congress, which is to be held in Barcelona, Spain.


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