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Health and fitness tips in the time of Coronavirus: Avoid gyms, workout at home


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Source: Time

With the Coronavirus scare wresting all control from our social lives, one thing which will hurt fitness enthusiasts the most is the closure of gyms. As “social distancing” remains a piece of unanimous health advice, yoga classes, gym sessions, and other community fitness events have become a strict no-no. Lots of people come into gyms, touch workout equipment, rub their face and nose off to get rid of the sweat, and then touch the handlebars again-creating a great risk of spreading the virus. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, coronavirus spreads more easily when people are standing within 6 feet from each other. Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces can lower the chances of its transmission, but it’s wiser to stay vigilant as major parts of the world are witnessing considerable spikes in the outbreaks of COVID-19. Older people especially with weak immune systems are at a greater risk of contracting this virus, and hence, they should stay away from crowded places and that includes health and fitness clubs.

However, in these fearful times, some of us can retain a part of our calm and composure with a nice muscle flex. In addition, the whole cooping up at your home with no social contact and work commitments can get a bit too much to handle. Exercise leads to the release of endorphin which can counteract some amount of stress. If self-isolation is making you frustrated, a workout can be a good way to bring a smile to your face. Fortunately, we live in the digital age and there are a lot of apps that can help you maintain your fitness streak while you stay at home. There are apps like Aaptiv, Yoga Studio, Lifesum, and Nike Training Club that can enable you to work out wherever you are, whenever you want. While Aaptiv boasts of more than 2500 audio lectures and an in-ear trainer to motivate you during workouts, Yoga Studio offers more than 70 classes in high-definition. Lifesum can help you monitor your daily calorie intake and help you in making the right food choices. Nike Training Club features Nike Master Trainers from every sport vertical and a “Picks for You” section as well, which personalizes workouts on the basis of your daily routine.

To enhance your workouts at home, make sure you do the following,

  • Clean up your space

Cleaning up your physical space where you want to exercise also clears up your mental space which can be a great way to get the most out of your workout

Source: WikiHow
  • Ensure proper ventilation

Proper sunlight and air can put you in the right mind space for a rejuvenating workout.

  • Short is sweet

Even a 10-minute workout counts. You can do squats, push-ups, rope skipping to help you keep moving. The idea that workouts need to be long and sweaty needs to be debunked. The length of the workout is of little importance as long as you’re optimizing it as per your body and fitness goals.

  • Give yourself a break

Don’t push yourself if you’re not feeling like it. Start with small durations of time and extend it as per your mood and energy levels.

Source: UW Medicine
  • Find a fitness partner

Since self-isolation is affecting one and all, getting confined together shouldn’t be all gloomy after all. Find yourself a workout partner, and enhance your exercise sessions into bonding sessions.

  • Eliminate distractions

It could be your dog, your mobile phone, or Netflix. When you’re exercising, make sure your entire focus is concentrated towards a good workout. You can mute notifications on your phone, ask family members to answer the door and make your laptop sleep to help yourself stay focussed.

  • Schedule your workouts

Use your calendar to add workouts to your daily schedule. With all work commitments and other chores hogging all the time, pick up a time slot that’s convenient for you.

Source: Women’s Health
  • H2O and lots of it should be  your best friend

Keeping yourself hydrated is crucial no matter what. Drinking water will keep you energized and make you feel full.



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