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Happy Republic Day : The A-Z of being a good Indian citizen


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We, the people of India, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a Soveriegn Socialist Secular Democratic Republic…

Do these words ring a bell? In the times of fringe groups mocking law and order in the country while the state is a meek observer, the onus of reinforcing the sanctity of the Indian Republic falls upon the shoulder of its ordinary citizens. Today is Republic Day. It is a great occasion to assume our responsibilities as citizens instead of just sitting and complaining about all what is wrong. Instead of forwarding patriotic messages on WhatsApp, let’s take a pledge to work towards a better country for one and for all.

To save you from the hassles of interpreting what the founding fathers of the Indian Constitution expected from you as an Indian citizen, we have compiled this really simple A-Z of how you as a citizen could work towards building a great nation. Please read, imbibe and respect this quick guide to help India become a better country.

India Gate

A – Accept. There will be diversity in ideas and opinions that are nowhere near your own beliefs. Learn to accept them.

B – Believe. This nation and you, as its citizen, have endless possibilities to grow. Believe in it.

C – Change. Nothing good will come to our way if we don’t accept change as the only constant. We should be ready to escape our comfort zone to bring out the best in us.

D – Discuss. Great minds discuss ideas, they do not waste their faculties in disclaiming them

E – Espouse. You are free to espouse, circulate your views, but you are not free to force them down people’s throats

F – Fraternity. Yes, this term occurs in our Constitution as well. It basically means assuring dignity to each individual. You can’t just beat up people because they disagree with you

Indian Diversity

G – Government is for you, of you and by you. Don’t just blame it for everything that is going wrong. Sit up, and take the initiative to bring change

H – Hear. Before you speak, hear all that you can. Different opinions, different voices, different views.

I – Integrity. Be honest. Show consistency between words and deeds. Don’t shout Bharat Mata Ki Jai and then burn buses.

J – Just. We know, there are no blacks or whites, everything is just grey, but things like invading people’s personal spaces, lighting up public property is immoral. Don’t do that.

K – Know. Knowledge is your biggest weapon. Check, double check facts before reacting. Know your history to differentiate between facts and fiction.

L – Love. Yes, love is beautiful. Learn to demonise hatred and not love.


M – Method. When billions of people are left to their own, madness is bound to ensue. The key is to choose method over madness, every time you get a choice.

N – Non-Violence. Yes, Mahatma Gandhi is known as the Father Of The Nation for a reason. Seeing all this ugly violent protests, he must be turning in his grave. So, do him a favor – do some Gandhigiri and indulge in peaceful protests only.

O – Opposition. Respect opposing ideas without vandalising their opinions or threatening to cut their noses

P – Participation. Participate in the government. You have been given a right, exercise it, but yes, with due caution.

Q – Question. Question what you think is not right. You have the tools at your disposal, you have the means of communication to execute it and you have your voice of reason to differentiate the right from the wrong.

R – Respect. Respect different opinions, please.


S – Security. We can help the country to be a safe destination for tourists, for women, for children, only if we respect their spaces

T – Tolerance. Be aware of other cultures, their customs and accept diversity within a society. Visit new places, travel and understand stuff from other perspectives.

U – Understanding. Understand your responsibilities as well as you understand your rights. If you have been granted the fundamental right to express your opinion, you should be careful enough to understand and acknowledge the differences that might exist in the society with respect to different opinions.

V – Value. Every life is valuable – help people in need no matter where they belong.

W – We, the people. Yes, Swades had this same tagline, and very true to the character of the country we co-exist in. We are such a diverse set of population, it is amazing to be a part of this heterogeneity. Revel in the diversity, do not attack it.

X – Xenophobia. No place for that in the amazing country we live in. If someone looks different than how we look, they are not aliens. They are humans and should be treated like that.


Y – Young. Yes, we the country’s youth have immense power in ourselves. We can make or break the country.

Z – Zeal. To take India to greater heights, we need great amount of zeal to fight for causes of unemployment, overpopulation, casteism, poverty, gender-equality and many such issues. Zeal to protest works of art is not needed, and should be dealt a good-bye to.


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