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Google Allo: Welcome aboard, the smarter messaging service


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Updated on February 11th, 2018

In this hyper-connected world, going about every routine task demands constant co-ordination. Planning a movie night out or working on a group project – you need some quick yes’ or no’s from your group of friends, family or colleagues. But smartphones are our first go-to for so much more – booking movie tickets, checking the weather outside or simply entertaining ourselves during a banal day at college. How does one accommodate messaging and other needs without having to switch between both continuously? Google has an answer for you in form of Allo, its “smarter” (as it likes to call the newly launched app) messaging application.

Google Allo

Google Allo has been launched for Android and iOs, with a hope that you could multitask easily and in a much smoother manner. It is intuitive as well – this means it predicts patterns making the whole communication process effortless and quick.

Let’s have a look at some of its coolest features:

Smart Reply: Intuitive, fast and efficient

If you are constantly on the go, Smart Reply is your match made in heaven. It lets you reply to messages with just a tap. Let’s say if a friend asks you, “Hey, Are you coming for the movie”, you could simply reply with a YUP without having to type any letters. It suggests responses for photos as well. Your cousin got a new puppy which is indescribably cute,trust Allo to auto suggest “aww.cute” in reply to that picture. No matter, whether you are an aww person or a yolo one, this messaging app adapts itself to your usage patterns, hence working exactly the same way you work.

Express the “peppy” you

Sometimes words are just not enough. You need to spice it up emojis, some pictures and a bit of doodling. You could tweak the size of text and emojis by simply dragging the send button up or down. Google has invested a lot in creating unique stickers by collaborating with artists and studios across the globe.

Say hello to Google Assistant

You would never have to leave a friend’s side during a chat to get something else done on your smartphone. Just use @Google during a chat and get things done without having to leave the chat window. Search for a location, share videos or check out the newest Chinese restaurant in the town – all within the app. You could also initiate a personal chat with the Google Assistant and get instant answers to all that’s bugging you. The Assistant will be available in other Google products soon, bringing forward newer ways to assist people in their daily routines. It will start operations in English, diversifying to other languages soon.

Your Privacy is in your control

Google has taken privacy and security pretty seriously with Allo. Industry standard technologies like Transport Layer Security (TLS) are used to encrypt your messages. You could also enter Incognito mode ala Chrome. This way your messages will secure end to end encryption, discreet notifications and an expiration date – meaning they could delete themselves as per the specifications you choose to enter using the app.

Google Allo is packed in with exciting new stuff, but the most revelatory here is the use of artificial intelligence to chat and make new plans. With the app being rolled out across the globe, how does it fare by virtue of innovative interventions like Personal Assistant is yet to be seen.


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