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Girl Burns Indian flag in video, asks for Pakistan’s help to establish sovereign Nagaland


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A short video clip surfaced on Facebook that shows a young girl burning Indian tricolor and asking for Pakistan’s support to liberate Nagaland from Indian rule.

The girl is seen standing against a flag which looks like the Nagalim flag. Nagalim has unified Naga homeland envisaged by the insurgent group National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN).

The clip shows images of PM Narendra Modi, tribals, students, insurgents and Pakistanis hoisting their national flag.

The statement of the girl in the video has been quoted by New Indian Express ““Dear Pakistani nation, first of all, I wish you all a very happy Independence Day. I’d like to tell you that we Nagas also observe 14th of August as our Independence Day because like you, we also achieved our independence on the same day from (the) British. Unfortunately, you remained independent while we became slaves of India who reoccupied us after (the) British left. To this date, Nagas continue to fight against Brahmin terrorist state just like Kashmiris and Sikhs for freedom. Today, I want to burn this flag of occupation and seek your support for the Naga cause.”

She further adds “We are not Indians and this is not India. We observe 15th of August as a black day. We have our own history, culture, language, our own country, and army. And we now want our freedom.”

Nagaland police say that so far they haven’t received any complaint regarding the video and many social media users from Nagaland commented that it seems that the video is shot outside India as the girl doesn’t sound like a Naga.

Watch the video here:



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