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After watching groom’s ‘Naagin dance’; embarrassed bride calls off wedding


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Source/Pic for representation purpose only
Source/Pic for representation purpose only

Drunken revelry along with loud music, DJ night and dancing – or better put, moving limbs freely in all directions, without any inhibitions – is as popular in North Indian weddings as the traditional banquet, gorging on sweets and the indispensable trio of Band-Baaja-Baarat. But dancing excitedly, after getting drunk, often leads to either a blackout or a social fiasco for the excited men, who are mostly the groom’s friends or relatives.

Such stories of drunken break dancers, who try to imitate moves of everyone from Michael Jackson to Prabhu Deva, are quite common.

What is most amusing and interesting is the story of a groom getting drunk and performing the Naagin dance on his own wedding stage, which lead to the visibly embarrassed bride cancelling the wedding on the spot.

This happened in Shahjahanpur, UP, on Tuesday.

Priyanka Tripathi, 23, and Anubhav Mishra were just about to be married. Only a few formalities were left, but then the groom Anubhav noticed a Naagin song being played by the DJ and he couldn’t resist the temptation to dance like a snake, while his friends were throwing currency notes on him. This shocked the bride’s family and the embarrassed bride called off the wedding. The groom’s family pleaded her, persuaded and even threatened, but she was firm didn’t change her mind.

The groom’s family, obviously disappointed, returned home. And the icing on the cake is that the next day Priyanka tied the nuptial knot, but to a different, sober man of course.


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