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Absurdly yours : Stories of serial “braid” chopper surface in Haryana


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Updated on February 11th, 2018


Absurd, ludicrous or superstitious – what would you call these stories where women in Delhi and Haryana are reporting instances of someone secretly chopping their braids. Many of the cases have been reported till now and it has been said that in all the cases the women felt pain in their head, fell unconscious and it is then after waking up they realised that their braids have been chopped off.

On Sunday night, three such cases of chopping off the braids were reported in the Chhawla area of West Delhi whereas one such case was reported in Gurgaon.

However, police are investigating the case and are trying to reach to the core of these incidents. But the city is again witnessing such acts of superstitions.

The villagers suspect that someone practising witchcraft is behind these acts. One of the witnesses claimed that she saw a cat transforming into a woman who then entered her room and chopped off her braid.

This is not the first time that the world full of superstitions is spreading around the city. In May 2001, many Delhiites claimed that they saw a half-man and half monkey-like creature roaming the streets. In September 2005, stories of Ganesh idols drinking milk started doing rounds.


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