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Webaqoof – the social media equivalent of Bewaqoof, popularised by none other than Shashi Tharoor


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There are a lot of people who circulate distorted and fabricated news and weird conspiracy theories on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp and social media websites are the new propaganda and rumour churning mills. We all receive such forwards which seem outright hilarious and unbelievable. But there are people who earnestly believe in them and take them at face value.

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor has used an appropriate term for people who credulously buy whatever they read on social media or in mass forwarded WhatsApp texts.

Dr Tharoor tweeted the definition of the term ‘Webaqoof’ to describe them. While the term is not coined by him and already exists on urban dictionary, the credit for popularising it certainly goes to Dr Tharoor. We can call Webaqoof the internet friendly version of the good old bewaqoof.



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