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This gigantic water-park in Germany deserves to be on your bucket list


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Updated on February 11th, 2018

Water-parks are a refreshing relief in this sweltering Delhi heat. We have been there, splashed on to the joy rides and had the time of our lives wearing those super-cute swimming outfits. These water retreats are usually located amidst a bustling metropolitan abode. So, it is surely surprising to hear of a humongous water park housed inside an aircraft hangar. Yes, incredible it may sound but about 60 km from Berlin, there is a Soviet aircraft hangar with over 710,000 sq. ft of floor space and 5 million m³ of enclosed space. This tourist paradise is known as “Tropical Islands” and is sort of a storehouse of some pretty mind-boggling figures :

  • 360 m long, 107 m high, 210 m wide
  • 5 million m³ of enclosed space
  • 20,000 m² UV transparent film to let the sun in from south of the dome
  • 6,000 people can accommodate the dome at any moment in time
  • World’s largest indoor rain-forest with a surface area of 10,000 m²

The water world or The Tropical Sea is spread across an area of 3,000 sq. m., that is three times larger than the size of an Olympic swimming pool. The water has a constant temperature of 28°C and is surrounded by a life-like sandy beach that is 200-metre long.

There is also a 1,200 m² Lagoon maintained at a constant temperature of 32°C. To make sure, tourists make the full of this giant water-park, there are water slides, a counter current and whirlpools.

This watery heaven holds another record. It is home to Germany’s highest water slide tower. It is the same height as that of a four-storey building. Standing tall at 27 metres, it has a total of four slides which includes a 76-metre power-packed turbo slide that is a feast for the adrenaline thirsty adventure lovers. It can take you to speeds of up to 70 kph.

There are provisions of staying overnight as well. You can live inside the dome in two-and four bed rooms or in a tent, akin camping. This record holder of a tourist destination should make it to your bucket list for sure, if you are a travel freak.

Here, catch one of the coolest v-loggers Casey Niestat chronicling his crazy visit to this equally crazy water-park :


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