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The Trolls Attacking Mallika Dua Regarding The Akshay Kumar Controversy Raise Some Serious Questions


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If there is an activity that consumes a considerable amount of people of all ages on the internet is the trolling these days. They are involved either trolling someone or on the opposite side struggling to maintain their stand against the nasty trolls. Everything from a simple statement to heated political talks, becomes a matter of debate and bears an unjustified volume of criticism. Still, whether the freedom of speech given by the veil of online media platforms is good or intoxicating remains an open-ended discussion. Recently, something similar happened that ensued a lot of trolling, criticism and finally a war involving two popular celebrities. Akshay Kumar who appears as a judge of the fifth season of the renowned comedy show ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’ made a supposedly funny remark on her co-worker Mallika Dua but rather being laughable, the statement which was “Aap ghanti bajao main apko bajata hoon.” (“You ring the bell, I will bang you.”) became a highly controversial matter in no time.

Mallika’s father who himself is a veteran TV personality expressed his anger on Facebook saying, “I am going to screw this cretin Akshay Kumar for telling his co-worker Mallika Dua that ‘Aap bell bajao, main aap ko bajata hun’ (You ring the bell, I will bang you)… This is his sense of humor and language… Star Plus… Wake up.” What happened next was the unavoidable trolling. But what’s shocking is the subject of trolls that slung mud on Mallika who has been playing comic and forward characters on screen addressing majorly the urban youth. The elaborate turns that bumped this topic forward on the road of controversy in a fast pace can not be reached any conclusions yet, but the trolls who came forward justifying a mean treatment towards female actors just because they have played forward or lewd characters in their careers is beyond logic.


Without drooping oneself in a deep ditch of discussion on feminism, this is plain absurd justifying mudslinging at a woman because as an actor she portrays a certain role on screen. This is just like reasserting crimes against women in the name of a flawed character. This is also like calling those trolls and rape threats given to Gurmeher Kaur justified just because, in the opinion of trolls, Kaur had wrongly opined her thoughts. By doing so, we are unintentionally promoting the verbal violence against women openly and actively. No matter what a woman does within or beyond her profession, nothing ever justifies crimes of any sorts committed against them. No excuse is valid enough to be attributed to a demeaning behavior towards a woman. No one can get away with insulting or passing crass remarks on a woman based on her choice of characters played on screen as an actor.

Mallika Dua who has played candid characters such as Tinder Aunty for AIB, couldn’t resist putting forward her own side and making a comeback against the trolls and took to Twitter to ask the same question.

After Mallika’s retort, Akshay Kumar’s wife and writer Twinkle Khanna who always has a sarcastically funny take on things came forward defending actor’s remark saying that jokes must be taken in their context. She wrote,

Twinkle didn’t stop here and move ahead later to crack some lame jokes directed at the controversy. The last update on the matter is Mallika’s response on these jokes cracked by Twinkle in which she has also mentioned that she is now done.

While it might have been a matter of taking some lame joke in a wrong context though the pun didn’t mean any crass remark on Mallika Dua, this could have been easily solved with a concise apology while clarifying one’s innocent intentions, the matter stretched in the wrong direction and attracted even more, controversy with the ensuing actions on it. In-between these controversies, what’s the most worrying is the unending and unrestrained trolls. At the speed, these trolls are breaking all the bars and making personal attacks on people forgetting all the boundaries, this needs to stop even if a definite solution is not in picture nowhere near.



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