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Sharing the music you love with someone is a beautiful act of intimacy

It's like sharing a sliver of your existence with someone else


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How is it that music can, without words, evoke our laughter, our fears, our highest aspirations?

You ever wished really badly for someone to like the music you love? We all had moments when we shared that one song or musician or band we really liked with someone, and hoped that they can appreciate that piece of art as much as we do. Sharing your favourite music with the person you like is a really intimate gesture. It is like, you are sharing that one song that’s like a musical rendition of your own self and desperately hoping for them to fall in love with it.

Love Intimacy

Your taste in music says a lot about you. Indian classical, pop, or rock – the music you like is a reflection of who you are as a person. Sometimes, we like a song because we can really relate to its lyrics and sometimes it happens that the sound of the music gives us Goosebumps. Some music makes us feel at home, while some can make us dance even after an especially shitty day at work. Music is therapeutic. It lays bare your vulnerabilities, helps you connect with your deeper self, and gives you a beautiful medium to express yourself. Music is also tied to memories. There could be a song you think of when it’s raining outside, or a song that you know can instantly liven you up when you are sulking for no particular reason. It’s like your own guardian angel, that stays with you all the time. When you are going through a bad time, it rises to the occasion and cheers you up when nothing or no one else is able to. It actually goes two-way. Your mood influences your taste in music too. A calming tune can ease down your anxious mind while a dope tune can get you in the gangsta feel.


With something so intimate to your own self, sharing that vulnerability with your significant other is magical. When you share the music you so dearly love with someone, you are sharing a part of your own self with them. It is scary to think that they will dislike the music you like because in doing that they will be actually disliking a small but such an important part of your existence that completes you. If you are on the receiving end, consider yourself blessed, for someone, has gathered some courage and opened a door for you to peek inside of their world.

Can't go without her
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If you have a song in your playlist that makes you think of someone, that’s an indelible memory that will never fade away. It’s like a loved one’s scent on your body, that remains as a tribute to their blessed presence, long after they’re gone. That’s the beautiful thing about music and love – they’re ethereal. They’re beyond the worldly constraints of time and space.



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