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Alex Turner is an amazing songwriter, 10 of his best songs taking this point home

The best you ever had, is just a memory, and those dreams!


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Alex Turner

The Arctic Monkeys frontman, Alex Turner, is some sort of treasure. His acerbic brand of lyrics are almost like poetry, and some fans have come as far to call him the best songwriter of his generation. Whether it is chronicling a breakup perfectly or defining a fictional out-of-world luxury hotel, he knows just how to sow the most beautiful words in a garden strewn with numerous thoughts. Here’re 10 of his best songs that perfectly sums up the greatness of this good-looking English lad

This one is about reminiscing the good ol’ days
Florescent Adolescent


This one put words to all those times when you felt lost

Reckless Serenade


This one is for all those stupid arguments with your significant other 

Mardy Bum


When that obnoxious ego is the only winner in a nasty fight

Crying Lightning


The perfect words to woo the girl of your dreamsR U Mine


For that adrenaline-filled encounter in a nightclub 

I bet you look good on the dancefloor


This one describes Alex’s fantasy woman so well, it’s crazy



A bitter break up, ugh!

Do me a favor



When you would rather be in someone’s company than amidst a crowdSecret Door


Just being utterly poetic, and truly beautiful

My mistakes were made for you




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