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Man commits suicide as Panchayat orders to drink girl’s urine


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In a shocking incident, a man, 25-year-old, committed suicide in Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir after Panchayat announced that he will be drinking the girl’s urine as punishment for raping her. Fazal Hussain also recorded a 37-minutes long audio message disproving the allegations before committing suicide.

The man committed suicide by jumping into the Samar Sar Lake at Targain village of the Rajouri district. The police found the body in the lake and an inquiry has been started under Section 174 of Code of Criminal Procedure. It was after the post-mortem that the body was handed to the family. Police have also launched a separate investigation to unravel the truth behind the panchayat order and subsequent suicide.

Hussain in the audio statement said that Allah knows he has done nothing and there was no illicit relationship. While talking about the panchayat’s order he said that how can a Muslim who recites the Quran drink urine. He also talked about the entire scene and explained that he was called to their home where some people like panchayat were present and they ruled that he should drink the urine.

He also launched a scathing attack on unnamed people for hiding the facts. While expressing his anger he said that he was pained that an Islamic preacher is mum and not uttering a word about the decision of consuming urine. He further questioned the essence of justice

Rajouri’s Senior Superintendent of Police informed that no arrests have been made so far. The enquiry is on from the side of the people and they have also started the proceedings. The police said that every aspect of the case will be enquired and whatever comes up will be dealt according to law.


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