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After a long wait of 10 years, Indian Army finally gets modern bullet-proof helmets


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Indian Army, the world’s 3rd largest army and a thoroughly disciplined and professional fighting force, will get bullet proof helmets for the first time. A bullet proof helmet is essential in modern warfare and counter-insurgency operations, but the fact that Indian soldiers didn’t have bullet proof helmets, only proves that our Army needs modernisation and more sophisticated, state-of-the-art equipments and military accessories.

Indian Army currently uses old infantry helmets that could save the forehead and back of the head, but they are very heavy, weigh over 2.5 kgs, and limit mobility of the soldiers.

The modern bullet proof helmets, made from Kevlar, are effective even for short range.

As per an Economic Times report, Indian Army ordered a contract worth 180 crore INR for bullet proof helmets to MKU limited, a Kanpur based manufacturer of bullet proof helmets, vests and jackets. The company exports bullet proof helmets to over 100 countries, including NATO members, and has a manufacturing, research and testing facility in Germany also. First consignment of helmets has been delivered to the Army.

Indian Army ordered bolted version of bullet proof helmets. More expensive one is the bolt free helmet which even prevents vibrations due to impact of bullet and reduce the chances of injuries.

The helmets that Indian Army ordered can also be improvised in the future and night vision device, camera, communication equipment mounted on it.


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