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The Digital Revolution: Moving towards an “App-Tastic” life


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Our life is becoming increasingly app-driven. From shopping to eating and going out, smartphones are changing the way we conduct our daily routine. There are apps accompanying us even while we are in deep slumber. Sleep Cycle, for instance detects your sleep patterns and wakes you up at appropriate timings. As soon as you wake up, you look out for weather conditions in your vicinity or in an area you are planning to visit, follow that up by checking on updates with social media and carry on with your day while you plug in our headphones while sorting music on music discovery apps. Here is how mobile apps have changed our lives in an unprecedented manner:

Mobile Apps

Enhance your productivity:
Running might seem an incredibly boring task to many of us. But there are ways your smartphone can pep that for you. Zombies, Run – for example lets you keep your interest in working out alive by juxtaposing voice instructions native to any Zombie Apocalypse prototype game in between your music playlist. Everything you do on your personal computer or laptop is as much a part of your smartphone. Creating documents, editing them or mailing them is now at our fingertips. Productivity increased manifold!

An Able Classroom Tool:
Teaching has moved beyond chalk, duster and notebooks. Mobile phones and tablets are revolutionizing the way education is imparted. E-lectures to interactive lessons, education is soliciting a greater level of involvement from teachers, parents and students – thanks to innovations in mobile technology aimed at betterment of pedagogy techniques. Pupils are e-mailing their essays, using e-books to study and imbibing basics over video tutorials through a plethora of education apps available in the market.

Limitless Entertainment:

Watching web series, streaming music over the internet and following your favourite celebrities over social media – you could say hi to the actor or sports start you love and could even interact with them one and one thanks to social media apps. Music consumption has passed through a wave of transitions in the past few years. In the bygone era – mammoth gramophones gratified our need for good music. Today, with a single swipe, you have access to millions of singers, artists and genres across the globe.

Shopping, redefined:
From pin to pottery, everything you want to buy is available online. Amazing discounts, great deals and incredible offers along with easy delivery options mean you get what you want, sitting in your living room. Brick and mortar stores are an experience on their own but they look awfully less appealing in sweltering heat or thunderous downpours. If comfort comes first for you, then online shopping is the “it” thing for you.

Foodies, rejoice:
Many prospective brides and grooms have pledged their loyalty to pizzas instead of human beings. Yes, such is the adulation with food. We live to eat and it’s not the other way round. Mobile applications have made us so much closer to the love of our lives that we can’t thank them enough. Whether you are craving butter chicken or you have had too much of saturated fats and are looking for fresh green salads, every solution lies somewhere in your smartphone.

According to a research by Flurry Analitics, 90% of the time we spend on phones is utilized within apps. This spells out their importance and our dependence on them as well. Apps have changed the way we do a hell lot of things in life, and things are going to change much more : they are going to get bigger and of course, better.


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