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Sarahah in the nutshell! All that you need to know


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Updated on February 11th, 2018


Sarahah mobile app is getting quite popular and has over 5 million downloads from Google play store in less than a week. The app is most popular in the Middle East and India.

Sarahah is a mobile app for sending messages under the cloak of anonymity to anyone who has an account on it. The developers of the app said that it will enable people to develop self-confidence and stay motivated through constructive and positive feedbacks. But the downside of it, that too has received.

But the downside of it, that too has received the attention of many people, is that it can be an open gallery of the crassest and hateful filthy slurs and abuses.

Anonymity allows people to say whatever they want without bothering about the consequences. And it certainly gives a boost and a psychological thrill to abusive and antisocial tendencies.

The developers of the app are looking for ways to not only enhance user experience but also to make privacy settings stronger.

We would suggest using this app at least once yourself. Currently, it is a mixed bag that can be used to express secret crushes, anonymous proposals, gratitude, admiration, respect, motivation pointing out a person’s flaws or even for outright filthy language and abuse.


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