Fly This DIY Drone Using Your Head!

      CES 2017 just ended and some very exciting tech have come out of it. One cool gadget to look out for is the Powerup FPV by Powerup Toys, which is an assemble-it-yourself drone in the shape of an airplane.     You can either build the plane using the supplied templates or even make a […]

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    DIY: Simple Hacks To Make Natural Colours This Holi

    Holi is the time when we treat our loved ones with mouth watering delicacies and sumptuous menus but it is not the same with colours. In spite of knowing the side effects, we still use chemical colours callously; leaving the health of our loved ones in jeopardy. One of the major deterrence is the ‘high […]

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    How To : 10 ways to make a relationship work

      If you are in love and you know, raise your hands Relationships are generally sparked by infatuation. As time goes by, excitement may fade and feelings diminish – until and unless both the partners continue to show their affection for each other. A long-lasting relationship would mean you committing to your partner’s emotional well-being […]

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    How To : 10 ways to protect your smartphone

    Smartphones have become our quintessential tools of survival. From morning to evening, from evening to night – everything that is a part of our daily routine is culminated through a smartphone. When you go out for jogging, you track your calories with a fitness app on your smartphone while listening to that groovy running mix. […]

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    warm water car dent trick
    Fix Your Car Dent With This Easy Trick

      Dent on a car’s bumper is something which everyone has to live with once in a while. It looks ugly and you need to send your car to the garage to get it fixed. But if we believe this viral video, you can fix your dents with just hot water and your bare hands. […]

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