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You can’t say no to this edible truck cake


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Updated on February 11th, 2018

There was a time when the only thing you found appealing in a chocolate cake was d’uh chocolate. But here we are, in the present day, when we hope to derive not just gustatory pleasure but visual contentment as well from a cake. Cakes are now the object of intricate artistry which go through hours of labour in order to make them look beautiful, believable and delicious.
One such entity which is making some of the most dope cakes is the Hong-Kong based Pandora Cake Shop. They bake cakes in the shape of dinosaurs, cartoon characters, teddy bears, hand bags and what not. These creations look completely real and yes, they are also edible. The cake shop owners post videos of these works of art on their Facebook page and one fascinating piece which has held all self-proclaimed foodies attention is the truck cake. This truck has head lights, has a remote to control its movements, makes sounds while moving and you can, as well, eat it.

Catch this sweet delight here :



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