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World’s Tallest Skyscraper Will Hang From An Asteroid In Space


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World’s tallest buildings are one of the greatest proofs of mankind’s progress in the field of science and technology. Burj Khalifa to proposed rotating tower, the bar to achieve excellence is increasing to monumental proportions with each building.

Till now, no matter how big, technologically smart and an architectural marvel a building is, one thing was very straight; that the entrance of the building will be on the Earth’s land. Not anymore! If we believe New York architecture firm’s proposed futuristic design of the world’s largest building Analemma Tower, instead of ground support, the tower would hang down in the sky with the help of suspended air cables attached to an asteroid.





“Analemma inverts the traditional diagram of an earth-based foundation, instead depending on a space-based supporting foundation from which the tower is suspended. This system is referred to as the Universal Orbital Support System (UOSS). By placing a large asteroid into orbit over earth, a high strength cable can be lowered towards the surface of earth from which a super tall tower can be suspended. Since this new tower typology is suspended in the air, it can be constructed anywhere in the world and transported to its final location. The proposal calls for Analemma to be constructed over Dubai, which has proven to be a specialist in tall building construction at one fifth the cost of New York City construction.” Says the website of Clouds Architecture Office.

The building is touted to float from Northern to Southern hemisphere and will also pass over several major cities of the world.




The tower will use cutting edge technology like shape shifting windows to adjust their heights to tackle ever shifting temperature and atmospheric pressure.




The building will be completely powered by space based solar panels placed above the ‘dense and diffuse atmosphere’ to have continuous exposure to sunlight. And it will harvest fresh water from the condensation of clouds, which would be subsequently purified and recycled to meet its water needs.




The lower part of the building is planned to be reserved for business purpose and sleeping quarters would be situated at the top part of the building.






Image Source: Clouds AO


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